“Pute” it all behind you

This drawing is based on an email Brigitte sent me, in response to an email I sent her. It was just after new year’s day, we had already been apart for nearly nine months but I was feeling more depressed than ever before. In a moment of weakness I told her that I wasn’t doing so well and asked her how she was doing. She was surprised to hear from me, and said that she was sorry that I was having trouble coping with the break-up. She then went on to reveal how she had turned a corner, and was coping a lot better, and that only time could heal the pain, advice that I had only seen on about 96 Relationship forums. She also said a sentence, in french that I will never forget “je me suis faite une raison”, which translates as, “I reconciled myself “.

To be honest it’s not a phrase I hear very often in English, so still didn’t really understand what she meant. Since then I can’t stop seeing those words, seemingly seared into my mind, and so this drawing is, I suppose my interpretation. She reconciled herself by meeting someone else, I don’t know this for sure but I read between the lines. Obviously I used a little help from some old friends, ‘artistic license’ and ‘cynicism’ to slightly exaggerate things. I was also Partner number three for her, so she must be used to using up a man’s natural resources and then casting him aside like some crumpled empty receptacle. On the plus side I will bio-degrade some day, unlike an actual receptacle.  But seriously she was my first love, so not so easy to forget.

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