Sperme de luxe


Errm….. yeah, not really much more I can say about this piece that you can’t already see. Brigitte doing some shopping and of course needing continuous guidence from mummy as she does so. She viewed me as nothing more than a sperme donor as all she ever wanted from me was sustanance (whilst finishing her studies) and then eventually a child or two, or three !

A sperme supermarket is, I believe a not too absurd possibility in the future. The worldwide ‘consumer culture’ of today, coupled with our desire to procreate, more mouths to feed leading to the consumption of all the planets natural resources. Birth control for every country, except maybe Switzerland which is home to only 8 million people roughly, incredible ! Brigitte would definitely never go for the “-50% slightly damaged sperm samples” as she was, all the while I new her at least, a total snob. I once cooked for her a delicious, nourishing corned beef hash, she turned her nose up and said it was like eating dog food………..what a bitch !

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