Calm before the storm

Just a quick one here. Brigitte’s incessant need for a child, or children, my lack of enthusiasm towards this preoject, leading to the end of our relationship and my seemingly never ending resentment and bitterness. I think I’ve mentioned it a couple of times on the site.

As I’m now all alone, no female companion, together with biological urges and fantasies I must suppress. These lustings will however, surface in my artwork and  my imagination has been known to run away with me, as we can see here. Here we have Brigitte on another babysitting crusade, getting in the practice for when she eventually becomes a ‘mummy’. Things though……… are not going quite as well as she had planned and they’re about to get a whole lot worse (all implied). I’ll let the viewer decide what fate befalls our jumped-up “mum to be” from this entirely innocent or perillous scenario.

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