Sour Grapes

Brigitte is looking after little Stefan with her friend Céline, when the curious  youngster begins to interrogate her wardrobe. He implies, innocently of coarse, that our busty engineer would not be able to do up the top button of her polo shirt. Whether this is true or not, the girls see the funny side of his otherwise offensive ( if said by anybody old enough to understand ) remark. The brooding Brigitte laughs it off, secretly accepting the  criticism that she could do with losing a few pounds, and is subsequently teased by Céline at being outwitted and generally mugged off by a six year-old.

Stefan has “sour grapes” printed on the back of his jumper as that’s basically how I’m still feeling two and a half years after the break-up. I always depict Brigitte dressed this way as I suppose I think that if I flood the internet with drawings of her in a polo shirt (my favourite outfit of hers), if one day she should see these drawings, together with the odd snide piece of rhetoric alluding to any weight or self conscious issues she may or may not have, she would be appalled and offended and thus would stop dressing this way. She may have completely changed her wardrobe since we were together, this is more than likely as she only dressed this way at my request, as a special treat. BUT…..As I have nothing more to do with her, and she has virtually no online presence to speak of, I have no way of knowing what fashion trends she currently adorns. So it’s the idea of her still dressing like this today, which is driving me crazy. German heavy metal outfit Rammstein said it better than I ever could…. “sehnsucht ist so grausam”!

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