Lights, camera, action !


This story is entirely based on fantasy, my ex girlfriend Brigitte going to somewhat extreme lengths to try to win me back. In the months after our break-up, Brigitte claimed to still have feelings for me as we were still in contact through SMS and e-mail. We spoke about a possible reconciliation whereby I would move back to be with her, as I also still had feelings for her. Since it was her who asked me to leave France in the first place, I said that she could not just play with me like that, click her fingers and I come running back. So I suggested she make some kind of gesture, and the gesture I had in mind was for her to come and visit me in England, so we could talk things through  vis à vis.

She never came. There are only two possible reasons for why she did not want to. One is that her feelings for me were not strong enough, and that after living alone for a few months she realised she didn’t need me at all. Or the alternative, is that she did still love me and wanted to come and visit, but she was petrified of what her parents would think, or maybe say. The conclusion was very simple, if she really loved me, she would have got on a plane, or train, or even a bus, just to see me, without me having to ask her to. As if she had of done that, made that gesture, it would have been significant and meaningful for me and I would have without doubt returned to France with her.

Sooooo this story is a mockery, a rediculous and grotesque version of events, perhaps taking place in a parallel universe, one where Brigitte did actually make an effort to save our relationship. The complete opposite to what really happened. C’est vrai que ça m’a rendu fou quand elle s’est habillée en polo, plus belle qu’elle il y en a pas !!!